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The Zen Wellness Center:

Our goal is for you to enjoy a long life that is free of pain and disease. We view health and disease in terms of balance and imbalance: if you are experiencing disease or discomfort, then our job is to help you restore balance within your mind, body, and spirit. Once you have achieved balance, you will experience harmony, peace, and vibrant health.

At the Zen Wellness Center we strive for balance from many different perspectives. Because we view your body as a unified healing system, we stimulate specific areas (or body systems) so your body can do the work it was designed to do. This is accomplished within the perspectives of:

1.  The balance and interplay of Yin and Yang (the two fundamental life energies) and

2.  The balance of each of the Five elements – in your body and all of the aspects of your life.

By considering you and your health through so many lenses, we are able to achieve a depth of understanding of your particular constitution and its strengths and weaknesses. With this insight, we can begin to create the balance you need to enjoy a healthy, pain-free life.  

There is an old American saying ¡°An ounce of prevention is <<worth a pound of cure>>¡±. Asian Medicine¡¯s number one goal is to prevent illness and treating disease is actually the second goal. So our work here at Zen Wellness Center is to make your body healthy so it can protect from disease (or recover fast), leading to a happy, pain-free longevity and a quality of life worth living.