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My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Song since summer 2010. Despite the fact that we ate an organic, whole grain, balanced diet and got sufficient exercise, we had both become very ill over many demanding and stressful years.

We had a hard time finding someone who could help us. We had seen and interviewed a number of holistic practitioners, but we continued to look for help because we never felt completely confident about anyone. Then we found Dr. Song, who at that time was practicing near Wilmington, DE.

We have a lot of experience with and believe in holistic approaches – we also think it¡¯s very important that a doctor be intuitive, sensitive, and fully present when with patients.  I think it may be these qualities, combined with his natural talent and healthy sense of humility, that make Dr. Song such an excellent doctor.

Ours has not been a quick turnaround. We are now in our mid-60s, and since we had both been headed downhill for at least a decade we didn¡¯t expect it would be. But thanks to Dr. Song¡¯s very thoughtful, aggressive, and sensitive multi-faceted approach using acupuncture, herbs, tuina, and moxibustion, we have both steadily improved. Dr. Song has even had a major impact on my approach to food and nutrition – something I certainly didn¡¯t expect!

My husband and I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Dr. Song, and recommend him without hesitation.

- Bill and Mary Helen Rossi, West Chester, PA